What is a Berserkir?

“They went armor-less into battle and were as crazed as dogs or wolves and as strong as bears or bulls. They bit their shields and slew men, while they themselves were harmed by neither fire nor iron.”

– The Ynglinga Saga

A berserkir is much more than a warrior. They are a person who follows a lifestyle of physical and mental improvement in order to be prepared for whatever challenges they must face.

They strive to control and focus their emotional energy in order to survive and succeed. Despite the personal power they hone, they are not boastful. They do not argue needlessly over things that do not affect them. They only fight to defend themselves and the ones they love.

Berserkirs seek out spiritual insight through a shamanistic practice of altering their consciousness through entering a trace state, finding clarity and inspiration.

They are open minded, developing strong critical thinking skills. The rigid mind is easily manipulated so they are always learning new ideas.

They are creative. Creativity is food for growth. They write, they make art, they build, they express themselves in any number of ways.

They observe but do not judge. They respect boundaries and expect others to respect theirs.

They work to embody valor, sacrifice, compassion, honor, honesty, humility and spirituality.

A berserkir is a heathen shaman warrior who cultivates strength and passion in order to achieve their personal goals.

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